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What makes a Successful Farming Business

A HensonRecently, Tony Rimmer Director of Rostons, attended a dinner hosted by Lloyds Bank with their ambassador, Adam Henson. 

The guests at the dinner were professionals from the agricultural industry including Chartered Surveyors and Agricultural Valuers, Accountants, Solicitors, all drawn from Cheshire and Shropshire. 

Adam posed the question, “what made those successful clients successful” and the interesting points that came out of the discussion was they all had similar traits,

they were passionate about what they did, they ran a simple system and employed the best staff available and usually were willing to take advice and employ outsiders to look at their business to see how they could improve. 

For many farmers they are too involved in working in the business rather than working on the business.  By working on the business they can concentrate on what pays, what does not pay and what savings/efficiencies can be made.  Tony Rimmer would urge all farmers to consider these few basic points.  Do the whole of the management team what you are aiming to do?  Are your staff aware of what your aims and objectives are? 

Are your staff aware how they can influence the profitability of your business and what can you do to incentivise them to be better than the rest?