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Welsh Government – Introduction Of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones Across Wales

The Welsh Government released a statement on the 27th of January declaring that Wales will now have to follow NVZ regulations to those similarly practiced in the UK and Europe. The statement has been released after concerns regarding water pollution across Wales.

The Government has also declared that they will extend the Sustainable Production Grant with an additional £1.5 million made available to improve water quality and £11.5 million of capital funding will be used to directly to support farm businesses to improve on farm nutrient management infrastructure across Wales.

Georgina Simonds of Rostons, Chartered Surveyors and Agricultural Valuers, comments ‘Whilst the reduction of pollution is welcomed and is necessary to reach the Government’s Net Zero targets, the limited amount of funding being made available makes it clear the Government are not aware of the impact these regulations will have on Welsh farmers’.

Stakeholders, such as the NFU Cymru have declared they are ‘astounded’ with the decision to implement these NVZ regulations across wales given the current difficulties being faced with Covid19 and the fact the Welsh Government had previously declared they would not consider enforcing the regulations during the pandemic.

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