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Week Commencing 9th Jan 2012

Another busy week in the Rostons Office! Once again an ever increasing variety of different new jobs and continuation of existing jobs including:-

Looking at a small holding to possibly sell which would make a cracking little equine unit with existing stable and ménage in mid-Cheshire; Valuation of an intensive dairy unit, complete with rotary parlour, buildings and land; Lease negotiations on the renewal of an existing long term tenancy on a poultry site and a meeting with a Landlord who seems to think his tenants should do whatever is asked of them, even if it is likely to lead to a future tax liability for the tenant.

Phones have been busy as Landlords get around to approaching Tenants regarding rental increases, where they served notice twelve months ago.  Why Landlords have to leave it until the last month is frustrating, but probably because they think it will put the Tenant under pressure and then make them more likely to agree. After the extensive Christmas break it was good to get back to a full week of work.