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Now more than ever with Brexit, specialist advice is essential to make you aware of the latest changes to the subsidy regime that may affect your property. We have that knowledge and insight at Rostons.

Whether it is the new proposed ELMS scheme, or the Sustainable Farming Scheme which DEFRA receives as a transitional scheme into Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS), our team are on hand to advise on how any changes might affect you.

Our Expertise

  • Experts in the current Basic Payment Scheme
  • Knowledge and experience on the proposed new payment regime
  • Consultant to DEFRA on implementation of ELMS


Basic Payment SchemePayments based on hectarage of agricultural land in the claimant’s management control. Now affected by the Agricultural Transition Period from 2021 claims onwards. March 2021 – 17th May 2021England – Reopens March 2022
Wales – Reopens March 2022
Countryside Stewardship – Mid TierA competitive 5-year scheme incorporating annual revenue payments and one-off capital items.February 2021 – 30th July 2021Reopens February 2022
Countryside Stewardship – Wildlife OffersA 5-year non-competitive scheme incorporating annual revenue payments.February 2021 – 30th July 2021Reopens February 2022
Countryside Stewardship – Capital GrantA one-off payment under a 2-year agreement for capital items.February 2021 – 30th April 2021Reopens February 2022
England Woodland Creation OfferGrant funding to establish and maintain woodland. Minimum 1 Ha area required.Open all year
Countryside Stewardship - Small Grant Scheme (Round 3)Grants of 40% of the standard cost of farm machinery and equipment. Between £3,000 and £12,000 available per applicant. Closed for applicationsClosed


Environment Land Management (ELM) which will be split as follows:A new scheme designed to allow the Government to pay farmers for delivering public goods. This will be the main scheme available after the phasing out of the BPS scheme. Finalised payment rates for the SFI expected in November 2021National Pilot taking place
1) Sustainable Farming IncentiveSFI will pay farmers for environmentally sustainable land management actions that all farmers and land managers can do. Pilot currently under-way.

Open to applications in 2022 and is available for all farmers in receipt of BPS.

More options available throughout 2022 and 2023.

Draft payment rates released but due to be confirmed in November 2021.
Arable and horticultural: land£28/hectare (ha)£54/ha£74/ha
Arable and horticultural: soils£26/ha£41/ha£60/ha
Farm woodland£49/ha
Hedgerows£16/100 metre (m)£21/100m24/100m
Improved grassland£27/ha£62/ha£97/ha
Improved grassland: soils£26/ha£44/ha£70/ha
Low and no input grassland£22/ha£89/ha£110/ha
Water body buffering£16/100m£29/100m£34/100m
2) Local Nature RecoveryThis will pay farmers to support local nature recovery and deliver local environmental priorities. Pilot in 2021. Agreements available from 2024.
3) Landscape recoveryThis will involve bespoke agreements to support long term, land use change projects. Pilot projects 2022 – 2024
Full scheme available from 2024.


Improving Farm Prosperity to include schemes such as Farm Resilience Fund, Farming Investment Fund and Slurry Investment Scheme.Funding for equipment, technology and infrastructure that improves farm productivity and benefits the environment.Farm Resilience Fund – opened August 2021. Provided funding to aid farmers / land managers through the transition period.

Farming Investment Fund is split into two sections - The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund & The Farming Transformation Fund. Due to launch Autumn 2021.

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund – Smaller grants to improve business performance. Similar to the Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme.

The Farming Transformation Fund – More complicated investments e.g., precision farming equipment, robotic/ automated technology, on-farm water storage and technology for storing / processing products.

Slurry Investment Scheme – Will provide assistance for farmers / land owners to invest in new slurry stores that exceed current regulatory requirements.
Retirement Scheme "Lump Sum Exit Scheme"An exit scheme to help farmers who wish to retire to do so – more details expected on this later in 2021.Likely to be launched in 2022.
New Entrant Support SchemeLimited information available – a scheme to support new entrants will be designed Further info expected November 2021 and opening for applications in 2022.
Animal Health and Welfare PathwayThese schemes may include support for vet visits for health and welfare management planning. Likely to be launched in 2022.
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