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SPS 2012

2011 was a monumental year for Rostons Land & Property Specialists in completing all Single Payment forms online and the intention is for 2012, we will do the same.

At a recent meeting with the RPA, it is apparent that they have paid out 95,950 farmers, this equates to £1.5 billion payments which is in the region of 87.5% of expected payments.

 This is somewhat ahead of last year and whilst the RPA still had much work to do matters have improved.

 One of their success stories has been SPS online and it is understood by Tony Rimmer of Rostons that SPS online will be available for 2012 submissions from 28 February 2012.  For a business such as Rostons, which completes so many Single Payment forms, the extra two weeks that this gives over and above receiving paper forms, does help to take the pressure off within the office to get all claims submitted by 15th May 2012.

 Issues that farmers will need to be aware of for 2012 include GAEC 19 with the no spread zones and the dual use issues between SPS and ELS.

 If you require any assistance in completing your Single Payment Form, then Rostons would be delighted to hear from you.