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Septic Tank Consultation – Reform to the Current Rules

septic tank

It has recently been announced by DEFRA that a consultation has opened for the changes to the regulation of septic tanks.

 The proposals are to remove the requirement for septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants to be registered with the Environment Agency. 

The property owner, however, will need to still continue to be responsible for meeting the maintenance requirements of a septic tank.

 This is good news for landowners as septic tank registration will no longer be required (unless in zones detailed above) this will mean less paperwork and red tape.  The requirement to ensure they are fit and working correctly, however, is still enforced.

 This will apply to all sewage treatment plans and septic tanks apart from those situated in a ground water source protection zone and for new small sewage discharges that were installed after the 6 April 2010. 

It is likely that a property owner would be aware of their location in such a zone, however, the Environment Agency recommend that you check on the “what’s in your back yard” mapping system on their website. 

The Rostons Team will update you as and when the consultation closes and the results are announced. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Rostons Team on 01829 773000.