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Selling Your Home – What Does a Buyer See?

Rostons Village and Country Homes Team have been busy conducting Free Home Visit Valuations and a number of questions that have been raised by potential vendors is how we present a property.

Robert Ikin of Rostons comments “It is extremely important that we present the property to buyers in a way that shows all the most attractive features and we are finding social media is playing an increasingly important role in this.”

Using professional photography, virtual tours and a professional floor plan, this is used across the social media platforms to promote the property various times.

Robert also comments “We try to offer a ‘sneak peak’ prior to the launch with a quick picture of the
property, we find that some people who are really keen to move and already have a price and location in mind are first to react to this.”

Our social media platforms also offer lifestyle buyers a “glimpse of a dream” they wish to have within the area that they want to live in. This could include some outside space including land and stables or even that kitchen with the wow factor, they will click on and take a look straight away.

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