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Rostons Press Release – Hedge Cutting Derogation 2016

Rostons have recently been successful in applying for a Cross Compliance Derogation under GAEC7a that provides landowners with permission to cut or trim hedges in August this year. This is usually a time when hedge cutting is restricted, but Carys Studley of Rostons comments that “should landowners intend to sow oil seed rape on land parcels that they claim Basic Payment on, a Derogation can be applied for”. There is also a Derogation available for sowing temporary grass.

Certain conditions will apply to the permission and it will only apply to the infield side of the hedge (and the top of the hedge if it is not possible to cut from an adjoining field). It only applies for August 2016 and the crop also must be sown during the month of August.

If you are planning on sowing oil seed rape or temporary grass in any of the land parcels that you claim Basic Payment on and would be interested in applying for a hedgerow derogation, please feel free to contact the office on 01829 77300.