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Rostons Invited to take part in the pilot of the CAP Information System

Tony Rimmer, Director of Rostons Land & Property Specialists, recently received an invitation from the RPA to be part of the early trials of the new CAP Information Service (CAPIS) which is being rolled out as part of the new Basic Payment Scheme. 

Many farmers and agents will be aware that as part of this new system it is necessary to go through Identity Assurance which is handled by a third party provider before you can actually fully access the CAPIS system. 

Having gone through the Identity Assurance process, Tony Rimmer of Rostons advises that this is going to be a far from a simple process, but provided farmers can access all their personal information whilst online and find the answers to the different security questions, it can be straightforward. Tony sees this being a hurdle for many farmers to overcome; it is not an option for farmers they have to go through this process to register themselves and their business to claim Basic Payment. 

As various stages in the CAPIS system is released, Tony understands from the RPA that he will be involved in the initial trials to iron out any teething problems.