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Roads, cables and pipes – major infrastructure or a major pain?

NSIPsNationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) – which include plans for water, waste, energy, transport, electrical lines, gas storage, highways, rail and rail freight … it’s a long list – all have the potential to impact on farmers and land owners.

All NSIPs are covered by the Planning Act 2008 and the Localism Act 2011 in terms of decision-making – but what does this mean for the people whose land is affected?

Development consent for an NSIP can authorise compulsory acquisition of land for the project being given consent.  This means that certain companies which, in the past, would not normally be able to acquire land compulsorily for a project may now be able to if granted development consent through this process.

Landowners and occupiers need to consider the impacts of all schemes that potentially will fall under NSIPs and begin negotiations with potential acquiring authorities at an early stage to assess and discuss the impact on your business and the likely losses that will stem from the proposed scheme.

As always, professional fees are paid by the Utility Company Acquiring Authority in these instances.

If you are affected by a scheme of this nature, or by a utility company requiring access to do works, you must seek professional advice. It’s your financial future you’re protecting.

Please feel free to contact any member of our professional team for advice.