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Requirements for NVZ regs 2012

As of the 1st January 2012 the following regulations came into effect:-

NVZ minimum storage requirements

This is six months production of pig slurry and poultry manure, and five months production of other slurry taking into account all wash-water produced and all rainwater that enters the store in that period. 

 NVZ ban on high trajectory spreading

High trajectory slurry spreading, which sprays slurry more than four metres from the ground, is no longer allowed in NVZs.  The exception to this is certain equipment that delivers a low average application rate – the only equipment currently recognised to meet this requirement is known as the Pulse Jet Irrigator.


Annual Completion the soil protection review

Farmers are reminded that they should have completed a Soil Protection Review by December 31st or risk losing out on  the SPS payment.  The Rural Payments Agency has reported that the Soil Protection Review was the biggest single problem leading to breaches of Cross Compliance requirements.  The SPR should not be returned to the RPA or Defra, but should be kept on the farm in case of inspection.