Property & Land Sales

While Rostons is not a high street estate agent, we do deal with a significant number of rural property sales whether that is farmhouses, development opportunities or sales of farms and farm land – anything rural for sale is part of our bag.

Indeed, looking back over recent years some of the most unusual sales have included the sale of a machinery hire business as well as sales of farms subject to tenancies and parcels of land and farms.

Much has been written in the press as to whether the property market will be affected post-Brexit and some argue that there are signs that the land market has dropped.

Tony Rimmer, Director of Rostons, believes there is more caution in the market but not that there has been a drop in values. Certainly some of the sales that are being quoted as evidence of this are actually sales in the locations where they would have not sold as well in the past and are possibly over-valued.

The key to any sales of property, are knowing your market and area as to who will buy.

In the last 12 months we have sold land in Cheshire from as little as £6,000 an acre to as much as £18,000 per acre – but the locations and range of purchasers were very different.

If you have clients considering selling or wishing to invest in rural property then please contact the Rostons Team.