Potential Fracking in Cheshire

You are more than likely aware that an extensive seismic survey took place in the North West end of Cheshire 18 months ago.

The purpose of the survey was to produce detailed images of the various rock types and their location beneath the earth’s surface to then determine the location and size of gas reservoirs.

The results of this survey are becoming clearer and it is highly likely that additional approaches will be made for test drilling sites in the middle and eastern parts of the county, with the intention of carrying out further seismic surveys within the next 12 months.

Rostons have been extensively involved in both the granting of licences by landowners to allow seismic surveys and also for leases and options for the extraction.

If you have clients who are approached for a licence for drilling, we would urge them to take the advice to ensure that their interests are adequately protected.

Furthermore, thought should be given before agreeing to any terms for bore holes and exploration, particularly with regards to the impact of publicity. Media coverage around fracking and seismic surveys has been extremely negative and needs preparing for.