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Northern Power House Rail Network and the effects on Cheshire

The budget published this week included a £37 million boost for Northern Power House Rail. This is to develop additional rail services throughout the North and is being referred to as the cross rail of the North.

Cheshire and the surrounding Counties are already significantly impacted by HS2 Phase 2B and the Northern Power House Rail could well form part of these proposals with additional lines and infrastructure being developed.

The proposals include a new line from Manchester to Liverpool and a junction from the proposed Manchester Airport leg of HS2, as well as a South facing junction between Crewe and Warrington.

These proposals would result in additional connections throughout the County which will provide economic growth however, it will also result in further uncertainty for land owners and occupiers that could significantly impact farm land throughout the County.

Tom Selby of Rostons states “HS2 Phase 2B is already having a significant impact on the local area and it is likely that those areas affected by the scheme could see further developments and in addition to this, those that have not been considered at all for the HS2 route. If any land owners or occupiers are contacted by anyone in relation any utility or infrastructure scheme of this nature, please do not hesitate to contact me to seek professional advice.”