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NFU Cymru Conference

The NFU Cymru conference on shaping a new and dynamic future for Welsh agriculture had a fantastic line up of speakers who gave a diverse range of views on the future post Brexit.

One common thing from all of them was that they were passionate about their subject, could see opportunities but without a doubt, were all of the opinion that we were going to have change in the future.

As an NFU Panel Surveyor, Tony Rimmer of Rostons has been attending this conference over recent years and it is certainly proved to be one of the most attended dates in the annual calendar and this year, it certainly did not disappoint.

Whether it was the passion of Justin McCarthy of the Irish farmer’s journal or the kiwi pragmatism of Sir Lockwood Smith, they and the other speakers were extremely interesting in the message they put across.

Time will tell how Welsh agriculture deals with this change, post Brexit and actually how long it will be before we get an exit from Europe. However, driving back through the fantastic Welsh countryside with such an abundance of colours from the changing season and autumnal leaves, it is clear that Welsh agriculture needs to educate the general public on what it does for looking after the environment as well as producing quality Welsh food products. It is clear that without the fantastic custodianship of those farmers tending the land, we would not have that green and pleasant land that so many of the general public love to visit and access at the weekends or the holidays.

The key message overall that Tony took away is that we are going to have to farm more efficiently and sustainably producing a product that our customer, wherever they may be, wishes to purchase whilst also being open to change and modernisation of the industry. There will undoubtedly be casualties but unless we change and adapt, it is unlikely that we will be able to prevail in a very different post Brexit market place.

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