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Lockdown Success

Over the lockdown period, there have been a notable number of successes for the Rostons team:

Basic Payment Scheme

Over 600 claims submitted across England, Wales and Cross Border.

Countryside stewardship

Over 60 expressions of interest and applications and over 30 annual revenue claims submitted.

Farm business tenancies and annual grazing licenses

Over 60 agreements completed.

Land let

Over 500 acres of land re-let with tender bids ranging from £100 – £250 per acre.


8 planning applications granted, ranging from new agricultural workers dwellings to mobile homes for staff to new farm buildings 


Over £ 1,000,000 offered to borrowers 


Over £100,000 of compensation agreed for clients


For more information how the Rostons team can help, call 01829 773000 or email info@rostons.co.uk