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Landlord Agents Not in Touch With Reality

With 2 February deadline looming for many tenanted holdings within Cheshire where rent review notices were served last year, Tony Rimmer of Rostons is finding an increasing number of tenants are ringing him with concerns over the level of rent Landlords are seeking. 

In a number of cases, increases on dairy farms of up to 20% are being sought and this is 20% from a review that took place 3 years ago. 

In Tony Rimmer’s experience, the dairy industry is not looking the most buoyant and these levels of rent or increase are not sustainable. 

One avenue the Landlords are referring to is recent lettings which will be under Farm Business Tenancies and wishing to separate out the value of the house separately.  For a secure 1986 Act Tenancy both these routes fly in the face of the legislation. 

If you are faced with this position contact the Rostons team.