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Land Values

The most common questions ever asked of the Rostons team are:

When is the land market going to peak?
What are the current predications for land values?

land-for-saleIn recent years we have seen a big increase in land values. Recently the increases have, if anything, slowed although demand remains strong – but it is very much location-led.

As is often the auctioneer’s mantra: “land is a precious commodity”.  We are not making any more of it and indeed with the rush for housing in the county, more land is being lost and the taxation benefits of investing in land remain strong.

Not only is it tax efficient to save Capital Gains Tax, but equally it is a good way to pass an asset to the next generation (currently) tax free.

In Tony Rimmer’s view, demand will continue to stay strong, particularly as there is a return of confidence within Cheshire’s farming sector with outside interest remaining good and with the current favourable tax regime, there are no signs of a collapse in land markets or any factors to reduce it.

If you are considering selling or wishing to buy then please contact the Rostons Team.

Recently Rostons have been heavily involved in negotiating the purchase of a number of council holdings that have been marketed both publically and private arrangements as well as other areas of land across the North West.