Do you have land adjoining a substation?

Fluctuating demand for energy has created new opportunities for land owners land adjoining or close to a substation.

Varying levels of output from renewable energy sources, coupled with daily and seasonal increases in electricity demands from the grid, means that developers are looking for sites to create energy generation/storage facilities and connect directly into the grid network.

There are three methods of energy generation/storage, which are:

  • Battery Storage
  • Gas Generators (mains gas connection required)
  • Diesel Generators

Developers are looking for 25 year leases for sites up to one acre and substantial rents are being achieved. However the availability of a connection into the grid network, with adequate capacity in the local area, is critical in determining whether a scheme would be viable.

As with all scheme of this nature, there are disadvantages such as visual impacts and noise created by the generators. However, the generators are only switched on for several hours during the day during peak times and the generators are housed to keep noise to a minimum.

For Further information please contact the Rostons Team on 01829 773000