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HS2 Update

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen the consultation on the route from West Midlands to Manchester, Leeds and beyond open for responses and the launch of the Exceptional Hardship Scheme for Phase 2.

Sam Catling from Rostons says that anyone who is potentially affected by any of the proposed routes for Phase 2 of HS2 need to consider the proposals in more detail and look at how HS2 is potentially going to affect them in the short, medium and long term, and respond to the consultation accordingly.  Property owners who have an urgent need to sell their property which potentially might be affected by one of the announced routes need to fully understand the criteria that needs to be met for a successful claim and to liaise with their land agent and representatives from HS2 to compile evidence to be submitted with an application for the Exceptional Hardship Scheme.  However it seems that, as with Phase 2, the Exceptional Hardship Scheme will be a difficult scheme to apply for and be successful.

For further information contact the Rostons team on 01829 773000.