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HS2 Update: Independent Review Of HS2

The Prime Minister has stated his wish to review “whether and how we proceed” with HS2, ahead of the ‘Notice to Proceed’ decision for Phase 1 from London to the West Midlands, due at the end of 2019.

The report is due to be submitted in the Autumn and will examine the whole project, including:

  • Whether HS2’s latest estimates of costs and schedule are realistic
  • Cancelling the project
  • Building only Phase 1
  • Combining Phases 1 and 2a
  • Different choices or phasing of Phase 2b
  • Impact of HS2 on Northern Powerhouse Rail
  • Prioritising Phase 2b and Northern Powerhouse Rail over the southern sections.

This news adds even more uncertainty to those already affected by HS2, and leaves the door open to further rail infrastructure schemes in the North West which have been called for by Northern Powerhouse Rail, Jonathan Bell of Rostons believes that we will see a greater impact in the North West, particularly given the recent inclusions in the HS2 Phase 2b Design Refinement Consultation of the London-Liverpool and Liverpool-Manchester junctions.

For further information contact the Rostons office on 01829 773000