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HS2 Phase 2B Update

The design and development of HS2 Phase 2B is continuing with refinements including alignments and land take still being worked upon, particularly where significant changes to existing infrastructure will occur such as road and utility diversions. These up to date designs are expected to be released in the summer of 2019 although this may be delayed.

Royal Assent is expected to be granted by the end of 2023 with construction to begin shortly afterwards.

Land access is ongoing for Ecological Survey purposes with over 56,000 being carried out on the Phase 2B route alone. Rostons are working proactively with their clients, ensuring that these surveys cause as little disruption as possible and are aware that further Ground Investigation Licences will be being issued in the coming months.

It is vital that if your property is directly affected by HS2 or close to the route that you enter in to dialogue with HS2 and respond to any consultations when the opportunity arises. This is particularly important to agricultural businesses that are directly affected by HS2 in order to protect your business and mitigate future impacts. Of particular note, the recent working draft Environmental Statement Consultation received 37,899 responses only 3,480 were not from the Woodland Trust and of these, only 181 were responses from Farmers, with Rostons representing almost a third of these responses, although there are 455 farms affected along both legs of the route.

For further information contact the Rostons office on 01829 773000