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HS2 Phase 2A (West Midlands – Crewe) Petitioning Update

Guidance on petitioning Parliament against HS2 on Phase 2A (West Midlands – Crewe) has now been published on the parliamentary website and can be found by following the link below:


The petitioning process is expected to be formally announced by the Government at the end of January 2018 with the submission period running throughout February. Individuals, groups, businesses and organisations can petition to one or both houses of Parliament, if directly affected by HS2. Petitions can be submitted directly or by an agent.

The petitioning process is vital to protect the interests of those affected, ensuring that both the Government and HS2, are aware of the impacts that HS2 will have.

Rostons will be actively assisting clients to submit petitions, ensuring every effort is made to limit the impacts of the scheme both during the construction phase and on completion. If you are affected by HS2, please do not hesitate to contact Rostons to see how we can assist you.