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HS2 Phase 2A Update: Further environmental surveys & land interest questionnaires

HS2 LTD will shortly be sending out Land Interest Questionnaires to all land owners and occupiers effected by the proposed route to the South of Crewe.

The Land Interest Questionnaires are being completed to ensure the book of reference for those affected by the route are correct and is up to date, to be submitted in the Hybrid Bill.

Those residents, landowners and occupiers who complete the Questionnaire will be provided with information regarding the Hybrid Bill. Those that are contacted are likely to be effected by the high-speed rail link and are urged to provide as much information as possible. HS2 LTD will write to agents directly, where they have been appointed. They will also pay surveyors fees for the completion of the Questionnaires.

HS2 LTD and its contractors have been undertaking a number of surveys along the route. It is clear that they have increased the survey area to the south of Crewe by some distance and those landowner/ occupiers in the new area, may not have received any correspondence from HS2 LTD or its contractors.

Tony Rimmer of Rostons stated “The route up to Crewe is now moving quicker than originally planned, the environmental surveys can only be undertaken at certain times of the year and the recent alignment to the route to the south of Crewe, will have resulted in the increased survey area. HS2 LTD will pay surveyors fees and I recommend for anyone who is contacted by HS2 LTD or Mouchel consultants to seek professional advice”.

If you are contacted by HS2 LTD or its consultants regarding environmental surveys or Land Interest Questionnaires, contact one of the Rostons team who would be delighted to assist.

For further information contact the Rostons office on 01829 773000