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HS2 Phase 2A & 2B Update

The much talked about Oakervee Report on HS2 and its future which was expected to be published in the Autumn of 2019, this has now been delayed while the General Election takes place, it is now expected to be released in early 2020. It is expected to do away with the eastern leg of Phase 2B from Birmingham to Leeds and there is talk of downgrading Crewe to Manchester to a normal speed line rather than a high-speed line.

For those landowners and occupiers on Phase 2A from Birmingham to Crewe, Royal Assent is expected to be granted in early 2020 following petitioning, while on the ground, work package 4 for ground investigation works is due to be launched which will see extensive works carried out from April 2020 to December 2020.

At present, Phase 2B from Crewe to Manchester is still expected to go ahead with HS2 and Balfour Beatty due to be on the ground, carrying out the initial intrusive Ground Investigation Surveys which is part of a phased package of works with the second phase of ground investigation works to be released in early 2020, landowners and occupiers can be expected to be contacted by Agents from Balfour Beatty and HS2 in relation to this. It is vital that prior to Balfour Beatty taking access, a pre-entry meeting is arranged to discuss access routes and accommodate any needs the landowner or occupier has particularly as much winter drilling has been delayed and the field works are likely to take place in the spring rather.

Rostons, Rural Land and Property Experts, based in Chester are acting for a number of landowners and occupiers affected by HS2 and are currently involved in the ongoing GIS work packages representing farmers and are aware of the importance of having a firm agreement in place before Contractors take entry to the land, particularly during these inclement conditions.