HS2, Phase 2 and Phase 2A

HS2, Phase 2, from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds has now been broken down to Phase 2 and Phase 2A. Phase 2A is the stretch from Faddiley to Crewe and Phase 2 relates to the branch north of Crewe to Manchester and from Birmingham to Leeds.

It was announced following George Osbourne’s Autumn statement that Phase 2A construction would be brought forward 7 years and will be completed by 2027. The final route and land required to construct the rail line has been identified and safeguarded. This means that now there are statutory means to compensation in relation to blight caused by the proposed scheme.

The consultation regarding the compensation schemes which are similar to those that have been offered as part of HS2, Phase 1, from London to Birmingham, is now closed. The schemes include:

  • Express Purchase – the Government will purchase a property under the statutory blight terms
  • Rent Back – Those owner-occupiers that have sold their property to the Government under the HS2 property scheme can remain in their home.
  • Rural Support Zone – There owner-occupiers up to 120 metres from the line of route could request the Government buy the property for the open market value or a cash offer of 10% of the open market value.
  • Need to Sell – Those owners who can demonstrate that they have a compelling reason to sell their property, but cannot due to the route of HS2.
  • Home Owner Payment – Those owner-occupiers up to 300 metres from the line of route could be entitled to a claim.

Individuals affected can now serve a blight notice under express purchase on HS2 Ltd to force them to acquire their property at full market value, plus associated costs of moving.

Sam Catling of Rostons said we are currently working with a number of affected parties that will either be looking at serving blight notices in the very near future, or staying and claiming compensation for losses incurred.

It is likely that HS2 Ltd will require access to undertake environmental, ecological and habitat surveys in the near future. Currently HS2 Ltd do not have the compulsory powers to undertake these surveys and we at Rostons are currently engaging with HS2 Ltd to negotiate terms of access to enable these surveys to go ahead.

In relation to Phase 2, there will be an announcement on the final route in 12 months time. It is important that those potentially affected by Phase 2 north of Crewe, look to maximise compensation by obtaining planning permissions where they can and ensuring their ownership structure of assets is correct.

Sam Catling from Rostons said that those affected by Phase 2 have a limited window in which to get their affairs in order to ensure they maximise the amount of compensation they could receive.

Rostons are working closely with numerous landowners and property owners affected to ensure their objectives are met and they receive full and proper compensation.