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Double Cropping Your Maize Ground? Sustainable Catchment Management Programme

Come along and see what worked! Do you want to get more from your maize ground while improving the structure of your soil and protecting local water quality?

Since April United Utilities, Rostons and Paul Sweeney Agronomy have been running a maize trial, with 30 plots over 90 acres under-sown with different types of grass, sown at different times.

The project is investigating the benefits that under-sowing a maize crop with grass could have on production (can you really double crop your maize land?), soil erosion, surface runoff and ground water quality.

Following a successful open day in July where farmers looked at the establishment of the crops, we are now having a pre-harvest open day.

Why don’t you join us to see which options have worked best.

Date: Thursday 20th September 2018 – 10:00am to 1:00pm

Location: Higher Barn Farm, signposted off Tirley Lane, Willington, CW60JT


  • Breakfast bap and intro at 10am
  • Crop walk around maize plots, guided by agronomists
  • Q&A