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Construction to revitalise the economy

We are currently seeing signs that construction is returning to life, with many of the housebuilders opening up sites, concrete factories now making concrete available and a general resurgence in the hire of plant and machinery.

The debate over HS2 continues and it is clear that following Covid-19, the Country as a whole will see a slowdown and recession, therefore it is highly likely that we will see public infrastructure spend regenerate, be that on roads, rail and projects such as HS2.  

We have already seen an announcement on infrastructure in the Chancellors budget and when looking back in history, the Great Hoover Dam in America was built on the Colorado River between 1931 and 1936 during the American Great Depression. 

It is highly likely in Tony’s opinion that we will see HS2 constructed and if anything, the construction speeded up.

There are a number of road schemes that have been announced, the link between the M54 and M6 North with a new junction, the Llanymynech bypass and works to the A5.  

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