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Cheshire’s Farmers Remain Confident

At a recent meeting with a some of Cheshire’s leading dairy farmers, Tony Rimmer of Rostons discovered despite the current wider economic climate, farmers’ optimism remains strong.

The meeting which followed the recent announcement that Muller Dairies were to take over Wiseman Dairies was interesting in that at the fore front of their mind is the impact of the European financial crisis, the impact that a weakening Euro may have on their milk price and also how the change in ownership of the dairy that a number supplied would affect them, not only personally but the impact on the industry as a whole.

One of the overriding issues that affected all of them was labour, management of staff.  Despite the current employment position in the wider economy, managing and recruiting good staff is seen as a major problem.

Chrystal ball gazing over the next five years, they all anticipated that the bigger farmers would continue to expand at the expense of some of the smaller dairy and arable units.

Most were surprised at the considerable increase in land values over the last twelve months and the confidence being shown by all within Cheshire in buying land.

Tony Rimmer of Rostons is a Director of Rostons, which specialises in advising rural property owners and farmers throughout Cheshire and adjoining counties.

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