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Cheshire Leader – Impact On The Referendum Decision

There has been some concern over the arrangements for the Rural Development Programme (RDP) in light of the decision to leave the European Union.

There has recently been an update from DEFRA that states that all rural development programme projects, including agri environment agreements signed before the Autumn statement will be fully funded, even when these continue beyond the UK’s departure from the EU.

Carys Studley of Rostons comments “it is likely that there will be contact from Natural England, the Forestry Commission and the RPA to applicants where decisions can now be made on whether or not they have been successful”.

In the longer term the decision to leave the European Union will mean British Government will take their own decisions about how to deliver the policy objectives previously targeted under the European Union.

Carys Studley of Rostons also comments “over the coming months the government will consult closely with stake holders to review the EU funding schemes. However, it may well be some months until we know more detail”.

If you have any concerns over any outstanding RPD projects then please contact a member of the Rostons Team.