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Changing times in North Wales

north-walesThe substantial number of new dairy enterprises being established in North Wales is beginning to ring in the changes for the farming landscape.

In recent years returns from beef and sheep have been more marginal which has led to a change with a number of land owners and farmers looking to establish new low cost dairy systems, generally based on the New Zealand style of farming with initially just a parlour within a block of land.

Rostons director Tony Rimmer’s view is that there is huge potential in North Wales for the modern generation of farmers – not just in establishing dairy units, but also by embracing some of the grazing systems that have been implemented so successfully on the dairy system to the rearing of beef and sheep.

He said: “As we all know, if we constantly have good meals ahead of us we will put on weight and I’m sure the same principle applies to both beef and sheep through rotational grazing. With fresh grass in front of them, they will want to eat more and subsequently gain weight.

A number of beef and sheep farmers are finding this paddock grazing system, coupled with better genetics, is improving their live weight gains and leading to better returns.