Mr B Sandbach

Mr B Sandbach client case study

Everyday farming is busy and stressful enough without an unexpected letter from the RPA requesting thousands of pounds back to be repaid back to them. This money is much needed to make our business sustainable and the threat of loosing it was unthinkable.

When we were informed that the RPA wanted to claim back a significant amount of money for alleged breeches to our Higher Level and Entry Level Stewardship Agreement, we were dumbfounded.

We were aware that Rostons had dealt with previous appeals in the past with successful outcomes when we contacted them, our minds were immediately to put to rest that they would endeavour to do all they could to ensure this request to pay back money was withdrawn.

Despite mountains of paperwork, plans, inspection notes from the RPA and all other manner of letters and correspondence, Rostons helped to obtain the important facts to prepare a clear and watertight argument back to the RPA. The fight was not over there, as the speed of any communication back from the RPA was slow. Rostons pushed for us to achieve the desired outcome and we were so pleased to receive notification that the repayment request was withdrawn.

We felt that the Rostons and in particular those team members specialising in dealing with the RPA had the sufficient knowledge and determination to deal with the RPA whilst maintaining complete empathy for us burdened with this threat. We would not hesitate to use Rostons services again or recommend them to any farming friends if they were in the same position.