Grant Funding Case Study


During a routine meeting with Rostons, we started chatting about our farm diversification business and it was brought to our attention that there was a Growth Programme Grant currently available, which could potentially be a source of funding for us to buy much needed equipment for our processing plant.

Shortly after this brief discussion, we sat down together and ran through the criteria to be eligible which thankfully we found to meet.

The grant was a two-stage process, which Carys led from start to finish, we really did not have the time or patience to do it on our own!

Stage one was an initial outline application, which whilst on the face of it seemed to be at a basic level, the RPA still required a large amount of information. As the grant scheme was very competitive, we needed to ensure our application met all the desired outcomes. The required information was confusing and lots of evidence was needed, however Rostons prepared this for us in a logical format and did lots of background research to ensure the key information was focussed on.

We were delighted to hear our outline application had moved to the stage 2, full application stage. As this grant was for a significant amount of money, several quotes, cashflow analysis, business performance reviews and job creations needed to be predicted. Rostons prepared a full and comprehensive application and we were also pleased to find that Carys also liaised with the RPA regularly during the process to check the application ticked all the boxes and after weeks of preparing our case, we were delighted to hear it was finally approved and was awarded a 40% funded grant.

We are now at a stage where all the new equipment is installed and we are seeing the benefits of all our hard work. We really could not have done this daunting process without the help of Rostons.