Auctions & Dispersal Sales

Auctions & Dispersal Sales

Whether you’re looking to restructure due to a change in strategic direction, relocate due to down sizing or expansion, or you’re looking for a change in ownership due to acquisition or retirement, we can handle the whole sale process. From start to finish, we’ll give you complete piece of mind. From livestock to machinery and chattels, we specialise in onsite dispersal sales of all types of assets, whether that be livestock, machinery and chattels.

We understand that a sales day can be quite emotional, but our aim is to minimise any stress, facilitate the the smooth running of the day and deliver the best possible results for you.

Our team take a hands-on approach regarding sale preparation, from the initial meeting, cataloguing, advertising schedules, through to lotting and assisting with all paperwork.

Rostons are RICS Regulated and all sales proceeds received are banked in our Client Monies Bank Account to ensure complete protection. We offer prompt payment and complete after sale care, priding ourselves in achieving excellent results and providing an exceptional level of service.


Our Expertise

  • Comprehensive advice, service and experience in organising and running sales efficiently.
  • Extensive database to ensure catalogues and information distribution is targeted to the correct audience.
  • Thorough online and social media promotion of assets and sales to reach a wide audience.

Forthcoming Sales

Please contact the team to discuss possible sales.

DescriptionTypeEntries CloseStartsFinishesDocuments
Online Collective Machinery Sale Online Sale Monday 19th February 2024 Wednesday 21st February 2024Wednesday 28th February 2024Download Entry Form

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