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Spreading Muck on Land: Proposed Changes

The Environment Agency (EA) has announced proposed revised rules governing the spreading of waste on land. The EA undertook a consultation in 2015 with regard to the revised rules, a summary of the proposals are detailed below:

  • The maximum storage of waste will change from 3000T per permit to 3000T per deployment. Because an operator can have multiple deployments under one permit, this should benefit permit holders who have deployments separated across the country
  • The EA will have to be pre-notified at least 48 hours and no greater than 7 days before the landspreading of waste under a standard rules permit;
  • The quantity of non-stackable waste stored under a deployment is to reduce from 3000-1250 tonnes. The maximum volume of stackable waste stored under a deployment will remain at 3000T;
  • Wastes with a high readily available nitrogen content will have to be covered if stored adjacent to sensitive locations such as SSSIs;

The National Farmers Union has requested comments on the economic or logistical impacts the proposed changes could have.

Tom Selby of Rostons stated “As time moves on more red tape will be laid out for the agricultural sector and this is evident from the EA’s proposals. Data and information management will likely to be more common, especially with regard to environmental matters, it will be those that take the front foot and actually take on board the proposals that will be less likely to breach the regulations and then be penalised.

For further information contact the Rostons office on 01829 773000